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Personality type ?? what’s yours ??


Once upon a time in the early 20th century, there lived a woman in the united states of America. She used to live with her daughter. Her husband was a typical American army guy with a lot of bad-boy attitude. Both were from the countryside. Her husband’s attitude had a considerable influence on her daughter’s childhood. She is sensitive and people would easily influence her mentally.

By the time she reached 18 and was ready to move out, her mother was concerned for her mental well-being. As she already had a lot of trouble facing bullies in high school and college. Most of the relationships she had were toxic.

After moving out and joining college she brought home her new boyfriend. Her mother was shocked to see him. He was similar to his daughter, but not as aggressive as her husband. He also had a very different way of looking at the world. Interestingly his parents were also from the countryside. This personality difference intrigued her to take up research in college.

But in college, her interactions with the students revealed that there were different ways people looked at the world. she used to spend her time in the college library trying to find any research work on this topic.

she finds out about a professor who had a similar idea. he documented theories related to personal differences. his work answered all her questions. satisfied, she decided to take it a step further.

There was a continuous war going on at the time, she believed if she people understood each other better, they would, in turn, work together better and resolve conflict better. The world would be a better place. she dedicated the rest of her life to creating an instrument which would enable people to know their personality type.

Although the intention behind this project was pure, some people also opposed it. In our Modern era, where dealing with people is an extensive and exhaustive task. Equipping yourself with the knowledge of different personality types makes dealing with them a little easier.

Key points raised against this tool were,

  1. People using the tool to find the perfect employee/agent/person for a certain role failed.
  2. People in real life were a mixture of different types. Results also varied depending on their level of sincerity in choosing answers, mental state while giving the exam.
  3. Attaching a personality type to a person could limit their growth unless they take it positively and work on their current weakness.
  4. personality brokers tying up with Corporates to categorically take employees in bulk may risk the chance of eliminating individuality in people.
  5. test only represents preferences and the not inherent ability of a person.

Now that we know the good and bad points:

I think this tool works better for individual purposes compared to using it as an HR tool. It shows a person where they need to improve. It also assures them they are people like them who look at the world differently but there is also a risk of people dividing themselves into categories and starting online wars. Guess it can’t be helped, as there are 16 (total MBTI types) ways to interpret this article. I wonder what your inner voice is suggesting to you by the time you reach here..

find out your type by clicking on the free link.



Yours truly

An INFJ ๐Ÿ™‚