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To the world…

Everyday I see them suffer for petty little things , I wish the society would have been a little more accommodating towards one another.

On the daily lives of people in 21st century

August 2021

I am living in a working hostel. Most of the people who live here are campus recruits, fresh out of college.

I was also one of them 5 years back. I still remember the time I first stepped inside the campus and registered myself. I was sad for leaving my parents and happy for joining my first job. The Best thing which happened to me during this time was the continuous intake of positive flux. (by flux I meant energy).

Imagine a group of 30 people full of enthusiasm, always together, meeting every few hours, doing a lot of activities together. I am still grateful for the time I spent with them.

Ever since I was a child I had been highly affected by the energy of people I choose to stay with. which may be the reason I still only have a handful of friends scattered in different places. Finding people who understand me and have a positive outlook on life has been the biggest adventure of my life.

As I grew up, I began to absorb more from my surroundings. Ex if I walk into a room, I can pinpoint the positive and negative people immediately without even looking at their faces. But this thing also took a heavy toll on me. Absorbing all these negative things drained my energy.

After the training got over, we were officially introduced into the adult world. As transition period was difficult for most of us. As most of the adults already had a considerable negative flux associated with them. But soon I realised that this thing existed from the very beginning. It was me who realised it later in life.

Sometimes I find it strange as people still haven’t found a proper solution to it yet, and this may be a reason for our downfall. Starting from the initial years,

  • A school going kid is negative flux because of his parents’ low purchasing power.
  • A teenager is in negative flux because he isn’t getting validation on social media.
  • A human is in negative flux because of his skin colour, height, weight, etc.
  • A lover is in negative flux because their parents aren’t agreeing to marriage.
  • A husband/wife is in negative flux due to office stress etc.

Most of the people I watch on daily basis have some sort of negative flux. In some cases, they are even taking it to the extreme. A friend of mine from the same batch is in negative flux because most of the people in our batch have left for higher studies or job change, and he keeps reminding himself he is unworthy because he had been stuck here. while his friends are earning more and living happily in cities.

From my experience of life till now, I have never felt a person without any negative flux. however happy someone may look, there will be a time when they ask their favourite god “why only Me”?

  • why am I stuck here?
  • why is my boss strict?
  • why am I still single?
  • why am I short of money?
  • why is my life boring?
  • why is my hair falling off?
  • why am I not rich?

In situations like these, people tend to remember god. Though I have never seen them thank god for

  • the food they eat
  • the health they have
  • the friends they have
  • the life they have, etc.

people are always looking for something else, the next big thing, because they want to be better. And they will always be someone better than them. they will keep comparing and even if they realise; the society will brainwash them with a negative influx.

the reason we are thriving on this planet is due to our society (homo sapiens) and our special language (gossip). we have moved from hunter-gatherer to mars movers. still, if you look at the negativity on the internet you realise demons inside us are going to be the reason for our extinction.

Three fourth of the population in India are in negative flux due to societal pressure, be it any field . in marriages, in jobs, in elections, in media, in birth ,even death. With the rise of social media these forces are even getting amplified.

A single salary package news is enough to generate a tsunami of negative outflux in the entire country. The problem with negative flux is the victim can’t get it out of their head. Somewhere in the back of their heads people are always worried about what others think of them. Even if their life is what many people dream to be, they are still unhappy.

with raising population and strain on economics, I think it is time we think back on our approach towards the way we lead life. the way we have been doing as the superior species seems to have a lot of gaps. May be it is time we realise, we are all animals or may be its too late to stop this which is why they call it kali-yuga. (you can get everything you desire for except peace of mind)

Many self help/motivational books suggest the people to ignore the world and focus on their objective . But is it really possible? Why should we ignore the world when we have the power to change it one step at a time. A little bit of love and a broader mindset is all it takes from our side to create a tiny disruption in the behavioural patterns of homo sapiens.


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