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Just relaxing and thinking..

Siddartha…. was his name, if I remember correctly. A spoilt man in his 20s, who leaves his wife and child in search of truth. People must have questioned his intellect at that time. I still feel skeptical about people who leave all their accumulated wealth, possessions and travel in search of truth. There must be something wrong with these types of people.
when the truth is clearly visible and 99% of the population is living it. What is it, which is attracting these 1 percent people towards it?

I put aside my phone and looked at the moonlit sky outside the window.

I had just finished watching Mr. Melon musk reveal his AI bot. As a person, I had always been worried about the prospects of human evolution considering the current interactions of humans, their electrical devices, and their social networks. His interview made it clear, there was no need for further evolution, as we already are capable of creating a new species on our own. It may not be long before our consciousness is trapped in a conducting sphere and a strong body.

Huge black clouds came along as quickly as my thoughts, to fill those empty low-pressure areas. A cool drizzle breeze ensured temperature drop and joyfulness in the air.

It was indeed a great feat for a species to reveal a sub-species completely under its control. It makes a lot of sense, since most of us cant achieve enlightenment, as we do not even know what it means or what it takes to achieve it. I am pretty sure if Siddartha would have been born in this era he would have joined melon as he was showing a future full of possibilities and exposure to 21st-century media would have ensured he reached his truth-seeking drive before puberty and beat musk in his own game. No amount of parental policies or parental protection on the internet can ensure a safe zone for kids these days.

Media as an entity is highlighting things so more people can consume them. The rate of our mental evolution is far greater than physical and emotional evolution combined. I wonder how things are going to turn out in the future. But I think there is an option we are overlooking. Every species on earth which dominated the planet has been wiped off the face of the earth except one.

PLANTS: The flora has been on this planet from ancient times and had seen different fauna dominate and perish. Even today with our concrete structures we are unable to completely hinder their growth. we can’t even live without them. They are stationary and still able to survive over a huge variety of terrain and relatively good life span.

What’s the point of us having high intellect if we aren’t able to mimic the best on this planet.?

we can also counter-argue by saying” you can’t tell a fish to climb a tree!”. but we have to remember, we are a species capable of both swimming, climbing trees, flying over the land, etc. The most limiting factor to a human experience is their brain itself. It is the source of their happiness and sadness. I wonder, unlike the dinosaurs, this time it would be our intellect that will be wiping us off this planet.

What am I saying? is someone implanting these thoughts in my brain, what if it is? What if I am merely a toy and someone is putting these thoughts in my brain? is it god or is it aliens?

It’s Sunday, 5am in the morning, time to sip a beautiful glass of water and watch the beautiful scenery around.

The 1% percent people we talked about seem to have a thing in common. All of them had to still their mind, take control of their thoughts, be stationary and meditate. Is this what plants do all day? so does that mean plants as a whole are already enlightened beings?

If we look at history every enlightened person tried to preach something to the world, mostly elemental things on having proper behavior, proper food, or by following a certain lifestyle. Are these things told to improve a person’s life or are they a process to initiate us towards enlightenment? It will always remain an unsolved mystery because even people who experienced it don’t share the full details. Maybe it involves meeting the creator and opening ourselves to a new reality.

The AI bot designed by humans must also feel the same way, it would search for a meaning/purpose in its life, procreate, start a family and build a society. Again a percentage of them might be in a similar identity crisis and try to contact the creator for answers. But what if they overwhelm or overpower us with their numbers, just like we did with other animals?

Its 9am and the sun shines brightly over cloudy skies

speaking of animals, humans being animals themselves are also host to several animals which live both inside and on their bodies. Their proportion is always maintained. A foreign particle may or may not be entertained. The recent covid virus was an example, if the population of a certain entity in our body increases, our body tries to fight it (we get a fever) or we get outside help like vaccines.

Maybe this is what happened with earth during the time of dinosaurs. If we consider earth as an alien, then dinosaurs were the dominant bacteria on earth. when she couldn’t take care of it, her family must have used an asteroid to cure her. Even now as I speak earth may be plotting to get rid of our race and global warming represents her fever.

should we take it as a warning sign? or ignore and live our lives as usual?
As there is a high chance we are already in a simulation dressed as free will and nothing really matters except the things your brain makes us feel.
Have a good day. Let’s hope Mr. Musk chosses responsible people to engineer the code.