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A collection of musical pieces that touched my heart.

2. Daachi, Daachi unpluged

May 25th 2023

As the intensity of rain increased,on a hot sunny afternoon, i came across this beautiful song. Subtle background score and emotional lyrics rage a storm inside equivalent to  the storm outside.

if you havent watched this movie? you must.

1. jao piya by maati baani

15feb 2023:

Once again I woke up to a song which combines tap dance and classical music with a super catchy midsection, especially the part from 2:35 to 3:25 where a combination of Carnatic guitar and violin creates magic and you feel like dancing


What it means,

My darling, This time I will not come under the spell of your sweet words and innocent looks! Since the time I am away from you, I have spent sleepless nights, The clouds have gathered in the sky and also in my eyes.. The moment you look at me, my ‘chunar’ gets colored by Love! And I dance in pride and joy!

0. Mukti by Madhav Gopi Nair

8 Feb 2022: 

Found this brilliant musical piece while listening to Spotify discover weekly playlist.

It inspired me to start this. This website makes me feel like a squirrel.  i am storing all my nuts here 🙂



As I keep listening, it gets better and better.

In the first 25 seconds, the song invites us into its world.

As the violin starts at 0.30 it heats up my emotions and stress.

1:10 is where these begin melting under the immense pressure of the violin.

1.50  I feel free, joyful, and ready to go through the whole process again.