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This poem reflects on the paradox of celebrating a water-intensive festival like Holi in times of water scarcity, suggesting a shift towards more sustainable practices, Also humorously highlights the contradiction of using large amounts of water for Holi festivities despite the serious issue of water scarcity.

Heart quench – one of a kind

stage 1: Like an electron, i jump across orbitals As the train changed tracks, speeding up into the foggy rain forests, I feel a strange cushy feeling in my stomach, looking back at the past two days, I feel lucky to have someone by my side, who wants to be a part of my life I was on cloud nine everytime we spoke, felt a strange sense of calmness and… Read More »Heart quench – one of a kind

Yesterday Night

All four of us planned on watching a movie in my room. My room was on the topmost corner of the building beside the bathroom.Our room was high up alongside the trees,and strange noises made by different animals were a common occurrence for us.Most of our evenings were occupied with office meetings(work from home) in the evening. So, every day after having dinner we used to watch a movie. Mostly… Read More »Yesterday Night


Hello everyone, I’m thrilled to introduce my first Android app, currently in beta stage, which is designed to provide you with an easier and more convenient way to access my website. The app is specifically optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to navigate and use on your smartphone or tablet. The goal of this app is to provide you with an effortless way to access my website from your… Read More »NOW AT YOUR FINGERTIP;-)

Are we capable of stopping ourselves from turning into tools…? FT CHATGPT3

“Humanity’s unique ability to think, reason, and create separates us from other life forms on Earth.” chatgpt Now we want to outsource this very thing…. Why? Is there No fun in thinking, reasoning, creating….. They are fun, but they can’t be scaled i.e. they can be used to earn a lot. of money. why do people need money? To survive (to consume food, clothes, real estate, and the internet) Then… Read More »Are we capable of stopping ourselves from turning into tools…? FT CHATGPT3

Day dreaming

It’s 10 in the morning,It ain’t as hot as it should be,It’s 28 with cool winter breeze As i sat there,Basking in the sun,With fellow animals,Listening to songs,Sung by neighbouring school studentsWatching the butterflies race across the lawn, competing with dragonflies,In search of nector. Time began to slow,So slow, i could hear my heart thump,And my senses notice a new world,Through those same eyes. Tiny leaves, even tiny flowers,Dancing to… Read More »Day dreaming

It’s almost November

It’s almost November,A time for cool wintery nightsChill and moist eveningsFalling leaves, Blocked noses,An extra layer of clothes, Busy are all creatures,Adapting their metabolismStoring their food,Building their nests. Here i am,Basking in the bright morning sun,As still as a tree,Warm and cozyIn the company of dogs.Without a care,Watching butterflies dance,On a cool mystical breeze. Thanking the world Around me,For such a beautiful morning.

hum bhi sel fish

**Following is a generalised writeup, just to highlight a fault and its consequence**** Today, while having breakfast I had a chance to overhear two people conversing. They were casually boasting about cheating in a national entrance exam appearing for someone else, and they don’t seem to be bothered. I firmly believe most of us would also just laugh it off. you may ask, what’s so serious about it??  people often… Read More »hum bhi sel fish

D 🌪️wal🌋

All of sudden,An important task,gets assigned. With only a day remaining,He starts the work on an Excel sheet..Half way through the day,The work goes as per planConfidently he assured them, it would be done.It was a critical day for both his country and him.As the batsman accumulated runs,He accumulated all the reports & pics on his Excel sheet,As the wickets feel down,He began to clear one sample after another. His… Read More »D 🌪️wal🌋


It was, A beautifully quiet evening. All I could hear was the sound of colliding clouds far away from me. The occasional drop falls in the background. The sound of birds preparing their nests far up in the trees. Dogs squealed in joy as the cool breeze touched their skin. The sound of my keypad as I type I could sense, All of these sounds, approaching my ear One after… Read More »Today