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Monday Maha Milk Debate


Monday morning there was an interesting milk debate that happened.

A dairy company owner had marked his IIM alumni tag on his milk packet.


A ladka observes it and takes a picture and then posts it on social media.

Since gossip (not necessarily negative) is the essence of human survival. the post went viral.

people started messaging, ladka got busy replying to those messages.

opinions rushed in, counter opinions rushed in.


Someone invisible was noticing everything, someone visible was watching from far ignoring these banters.

Both had wide grins on their face. they got what they wanted.

Everyone got what they wanted.


social media platform got its engagement, milk wala got his publicity, its time for them to mint some money

rest of us got to gossip.

It’s okay if some of you consider gossip as a waste of time/potential/money, but the guys/guyinis enjoyed pulling each other’s leg


Now coming to the importance of establishing logic gates,

So I wanted to say, it would be better if we deployed a few sense processing gates instead of relying

completely on reflexes. if we take my example:


As soon as I saw the post, I felt an urge to comment and join the gossip bandwagon.

I asked myself if it was worth my time, the answer was NO.

Still, I commented.


After I commented, I checked the comments one by one and got lost scrolling,

I asked myself if I should continue doing it, the answer was NO.

Still, I did it. posted a few more comments.


Next, I wanted to pit a few people against each other and found some interesting scenarios;

I asked myself if I should go ahead, the answer was NO.

Luckily I agreed.


So I assume or theorize most of the people are not bad, except those with Hadamard gates.

A majority like to gossip and are dumb to multiple perspectives just like me.


see, I even took it a step further and wrote a blog.


By the way, I wrote this article for the dumb me (5hrs back in time). I

If you have stayed till here and entangle with my views

I hope this article makes all of us dX times smarter with CNOT gates.