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hum bhi sel fish

**Following is a generalised writeup, just to highlight a fault and its consequence****

Today, while having breakfast I had a chance to overhear two people conversing.

They were casually boasting about cheating in a national entrance exam appearing for someone else, and they don’t seem to be bothered.

I firmly believe most of us would also just laugh it off.

you may ask, what’s so serious about it?? 

people often cheat in various forms in various exams.

Elders cheats in businesses , relationships etc

Every child is born with a clean slate, then why are they deviating?

Even if they are deviating, do they lack the skill to put themselves on right track?

Is our framework of “the right track” ethically valid?


We have made a sector out of it, onlt thing remaining is to trade in it. (fee keeps increasing every year just like petrol and diesel)

purpose of education has always been 

  1. to devolop a child’s physical,ethical mental and emotional states.
  2. make it capable enough to handle itself be self confident and dependent
  3. to devolop its charecter, personality and culture.

All of this has been currently reduced to:

  1. devolopment of money earning selfish individuals ;

Education has become a business, 

Businessman require easy money,

Coorporates require educated workers,

Parents are ready to give money

& students (????)

parents aim for their children to lead a better life than them (at what cost?). They are ready to pay any amount of money.

when i say these lines, you expect the student to realise the importance of money early in life, and the amount of love and effort their parents have put in to improve their life.

while on contrary, they realise the value of money study hard, get a job, Grab money in any way possible.

Their schools have tought them how to be a worker, impress their boss but they don’t question; if something is wrong or if something isnt right.

Because the system we live in is very large, complicated and full of those people who are trapped/ and those who trap by money.

Forget questioning’

we have even reached a stage where, we donot even think of consequences to our actions, beyond our/our families existance.

Those 2 people boasting of how much money they earned, didnt even think of actions that took place which led to accumulation of that money..

  1. A sincere student, who couldnt affort to buy a seat lost an oppurtunity. His family has to continue enduring.
  2. The rich guy who bought it, gets the government job as a doictor and starts earning his fathers money back, by hook or crook from the society. (he has to because he loves his family)
  3. People he treated with his limited knowledge suffer, financially, physically and mentally.
  4. With this money he starts his own family, which can even start a business due to surplus money from his previous wrong practices.
  5. and then his kin come to take up the lead while the sincere student and public either suffer or mould themselves into doing wrong practice themselves. (because they love their family and they want to provide for it)

Even in our daily lives, we have really stopped caring.

We are turning more and more selfish ,

we work for ourselves,

we spend for ourselves,

we are living in a very tiny world.

like a frog in a well.

Even when we talk of comfort zone,

All of our thoughts are restricted to our life alone,

like i will go for a new job, i will setup a new business, i will take up a new hobbi, i will spend more time with family, i will earn more than last year etc.

with the oncoming of smartphones andgadgets , our well which used to be our community back in the time of doordarshan, has shrank to nuclear family. i wonder what the metaverse has in hold for us…

Even on mars, if its going to be this selfish race,

we may not win.

For those selected few who manage to win. it’s going to be lonely.

Not a life worth living for.

After writting all this and clearing my mind,

I realise this could be natures way of eliminatiung us,

Making us destroy ourselves by our own evolution.

(Our current generation, which has a lot a screen time. i wonder what its going to evolve into, since there is no more use of physical powress in navigating this world- bent spine and bent neck would be convinient)

is my mind really clear??

i have a question popping up…


right or wrong doesnt matter cause 

hum bhi sel fish 😉