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It was,

A beautifully quiet evening.

All I could hear was the sound of colliding clouds far away from me.

The occasional drop falls in the background.

The sound of birds preparing their nests far up in the trees.

Dogs squealed in joy as the cool breeze touched their skin.

The sound of my keypad as I type

I could sense, All of these sounds, approaching my ear

One after another,

Racing against the petrichor,

Dragging my senses into a state of bliss

And then comes the whoosh, and Baaam,

As the cloud bursts open, my heart overflows with joy.

The water from the oceans,

Born a trillion years ago,

700km beneath my feet,

On ringwoodite surface,

Has traveled a thousand kilometers,

To come to see me and give a cool misty hug.

As the world returns back to normal, I preserve those feelings in these words.