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A DeViL’s Workshop

devils workshop

when I used to be little (a tiny curious boy), I heard a proverb called  “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop”.  I don’t remember who invented it or understood the meaning behind it. Now 20years later, after interacting with the world I have come to understand the process in which this proverb could have been born .

let’s start with my own example;

POINT OF VIEW: laying on a bed, getting lost in thoughts…

LOCATION 1: Inside mothers womb.

When I was in my mothers womb, I had no consciousness. But there is a high chance I could have sensed her in stress while i was in her stomach. which could possibly be a  reason for my overthinking.

LOCATION 2: Out comes a boy!

I dropped fresh into the world. May be this is what death looks like. For those of us in the womb death means getting out into this world. I wonder where I would land up after dying here. Now coming to the point, after coming out, for the first few years all I did was cry, sleep, eat, smile and poop (1&2) on repeat, multiple times a day. Got touched by a few people in my life. I didn’t even realise I could think. Everything I heard inside my head were survival commands.

LOCATION 3: Few years later….Dimag ki batti Jal gaya (I don’t remember chewing Mentos)

It happened gradually. By this time I  had people I didn’t like and this thing in my head was autonomously driving my body. people were supportive and  life pleasant. Everyone cared. Wherever i went, there would be people following me, showering their affection, dressing my booty. There was no need for any other thoughts, my opinions were final, if not I could always cry to make things happen my way.

LOCTION 4: First Coating  (with jealousy, comparison)

This was an age of innocence. slowly, bit by bit everything shattered. I came to know people also had hatred towards me. Their affection decreased and i had to clean my own booty. I started comparing, first my toys than my life with others. I didn’t notice at that time, but now when i look back i clearly see it as the start of comparison and jealousy. To put me and my raging hormones in control, my parents  give  me coating once in a while. (you know what i mean, i wont be sugar coating it). The pain was enough to cut-off  the power to my grey cells temporarily. knocking me back into my senses.

LOCATION 5: Teenage

Only thought I had in my mind during this time was being an adult, freedom was what my brain; brainwashed me into. May be this could have been an evolutionary instinct  of my species, (homo sapiens as described by one of us) which we didn’t require in this digital age.  I could feel the little voice in my head grow like a coconut tree, it was the captain of my ship and i thought, we both were the same. Innocent person inside, turned into a rebel. Few feared him, few bullied him and he silently learned, the ways of the world he is in.

LOCATION 6: Realisation

All this time while I was exploring my mind, my body kept growing. I also started exploring my body, but i realised that I had deviated from my topic which was writing a blog on devil’s workshop.  Whenever I sit idle, my mind wanders off in multiple directions telling me different stories, i have never asked  for it but still it does. It never stops talking. Only time i don’t hear it is the time i am focused on something. (like writing this article ;], playing a game , pursuing an activity).  It slowly traps me and i am hypnotised into a loop of , overthinking, comparison,  negative thoughts etc. In the beginning i thought it was due to the digital age but no, it seems to be an evolutionary scheme hatched by nature. Initially she tried to control our population by deploying physical forces, As they were proving to be ineffective due to improving technology, she planted this parasite  into our species. 

POV: Back to Reality, tired of thinking, time to sleep. but before i go…..

what adaptations do you think would happen to our spinal structure and eyes in a hundred years (gene adaptions), if trillions of us keep watching our smart devices for 20hrs a day??

Oh i forgot to mention, thanks for joining my workshop. Do you happen to notice who I am??