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ankita poRnwar- 1

a mystery thriller

August 2021:

It was heavily raining outside, I walked into a room filled with computers. No other person was there with me in the room.

I was hearing strange voices coming out of those computers. I curiously took a step towards them and to my surprise, the PCs were remotely operated. So

I immediately searched for a switchboard to turn off the lights and spot spy cameras but didn’t notice anything suspicious.


so I decided to explore the network. I pressed a key on the keyboard and the screen powered out of standby, revealing a link that was sourcing camera feed from random cameras.

it was spooky because it meant, some people were watching others secretly and that I could be in danger for finding it out. I started to question,  how I ended up here…


when I heard her.

A sweet voice about 10yrs old from the computer screen. Display on the link read Ankita pornwar. These people even hacked a 10-year-olds’ phone. who is to blame her or her parents??.




Ankita: Mamaa.. why are so many people gathering in our line?

Mamaa: Ankitaaa! please don’t go outside, come inside. close the doors.

Ankita: mamaa.. when is papa going to come home? it is raining soo heavily? 

Mamaa: he will be there sweety, don’t worry about him. come let’s watch TV. Oswald is waiting for us with veeni.

Ankita: no maa, I will be watching him directly on youtube.

mamaa: ok stay here, I will prepare something to eat.


Papa enters;


ankita: Papaaaa, i love you.

Papa: I love you too ankuu. wait for me. I’ll freshen up and come.

Mamaa: you better do that, or food won’t be available.

papa: hufff.


Ankita: mamaa! see Shilpa aunty is crying.

Mamaa: how do you know her? we hardly ever get to spot her.

Ankita: yoga teacher shows her videos in our class.

Mamaa: she is going to jail becuse of her husbands’ bad deeds.

Ankita: what did he do mama?

Mamaa: he was doing porn business. which is illegal in our country.

Ankita: mama what is porn? what is illegal?

Mamaa: Ankita, you are too young to talk about this.

Ankita: please maa, I want to know.

Aamaa: promise me, you won’t be talking about it elsewhere..

ankita: god promise ma.

Mamaa: come here, into my lap..

Ankita: hmm

Mamaa: Porn is a bad habit like doing drugs. which is why the government banned it.

Ankita: mama, what makes a habit bad?

Mamaa: when your mind loses control over a habit, it turns bad.

Ankita: was uncle unable to control it?

Mamaa: no, he was letting others lose control over it and in turn was collecting money from them.

Ankita: why are people paying money for it?

Mamaa: it’s similar to when I take away your phone from you. you get angry and shout at me. similarly, people lose control, if they don’t see porn

Ankita: mama, what is porn? 

Mamaa: porn is a collection of sexual photos and videos on the internet, which are used for entertainment just like movies. 

Ankita: what are sexual photos? 

Mamaa: photos of people without clothes, exposing their bodies. you should let me know if you see them while using your mobile.

Ankita: I have never seen people without clothes. so uncle is taking photos and videos of people without clothes. 

Mamaa: You should never let anyone see you without clothes. you should let mama and papa know if someone is forcing you.

Ankita: but when I was small I was always naked, you never told me that.

Mamaa: when you are small, we were there always with you. Now that you are growing up, going to school, and meeting new people every day. you should be careful. As people are unpredictable.

Ankita:  Mama, what should I should if I am stuck in such a situation.

Mamaa: Many things can happen, they may blackmail you, your photos may be posted on the internet and people will watch it on the internet and your mental health will be affected, etc. But you should always remember that your mama and papa will support you. we will help you start a new life. Always remember, never hide anything from mama and papa.

ankita: I love you maaa.

Ankita: Maa, where is papa, why is he taking so long…

Mamaa: look for him in the bathroom, he went to shower. don’t touch his clothes they aren’t sanitized.

{sound of foot steps}

Ankita: he is not here maa, looking elsewhere…

{sound of footsteps continues)



As I was watching the screen, I heard some ones’ footsteps approaching me; with nothing to defend myself, I acted as if I were unconscious.


Ankita: papa, what are you doing in our garage, why are you injured. look there’s blood dripping out of your forehead.

 Mamaaa… Mamaaa…

To be continued…..