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Day dreaming

It’s 10 in the morning,
It ain’t as hot as it should be,
It’s 28 with cool winter breeze

As i sat there,
Basking in the sun,
With fellow animals,
Listening to songs,
Sung by neighbouring school students
Watching the butterflies race across the lawn,
competing with dragonflies,
In search of nector.

Time began to slow,
So slow, i could hear my heart thump,
And my senses notice a new world,
Through those same eyes.

Tiny leaves, even tiny flowers,
Dancing to the tune of gentle breeze,
An ant stuck in between strands off hair on my leg.
A spider spinning her web,
Pollen grains falling off a bees trail,
Faint smells of ant trails,
Sweat evaporating off my skin.
Seconds felt like hours,

It was a holiday,
And I lost myself,