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Yesterday Night

All four of us planned on watching a movie in my room. My room was on the topmost corner of the building beside the bathroom.Our room was high up alongside the trees,and strange noises made by different animals were a common occurrence for us.Most of our evenings were occupied with office meetings(work from home) in the evening. So, every day after having dinner we used to watch a movie. Mostly… Read More »Yesterday Night

Day dreaming

It’s 10 in the morning,It ain’t as hot as it should be,It’s 28 with cool winter breeze As i sat there,Basking in the sun,With fellow animals,Listening to songs,Sung by neighbouring school studentsWatching the butterflies race across the lawn, competing with dragonflies,In search of nector. Time began to slow,So slow, i could hear my heart thump,And my senses notice a new world,Through those same eyes. Tiny leaves, even tiny flowers,Dancing to… Read More »Day dreaming

Finding a partner🌻

Will i ever find a partner, Stealthy enough to kill rodents,Brave enough to protect me from the pigeon flockIndependent in all aspectsa minimalist who appretiates little things in life Someone with whom i can share,Trust, Love, support, ideas& lots of affection. To build a home together,To dine a thousands meals together,To gossip about the world,To accomplish tasks together,While enjoying , fighting and creatinga positive change in peoples lives. I wonder… Read More »Finding a partner🌻


During the cold november nights,I got to experience my first night shift, It was 11 o clock,Could barely see a few meters ahead,White fog was dancing gently ,with the cold winter breeze. Its 12 o clock,I am currently at work,Feeling like a joey 輦Soaking in heat,Radiating out off furnace wall. Its 2 o clock,And dead silent,I can hear my heart beat,Water flowing through pipe lines.and,Lots of other spooky noises. It’s… Read More »EMERGENCY NIGHT SHIFT

Someone special 🌵

Is this someone special??Why am i thinking of them?So often. Someone made me feel valued,Someone actually listened,while i talked about my life,Gave me their undivided attention How rare it is to see,someones eyes sparkle,While taking to you&They didn’t vanish, like many others. After hearing your flaws. You know, this someone ain’tthe regular people you encounter,Even if they aren’t supermodel attractive,They are beautiful to you.You want to be in their presence,Making… Read More »Someone special 🌵


We were back to our daily routines, and this time we planned for another holiday trip. In the meantime, we wanted to upgrade the van, we also insured our vehicles and families. we added a trailer as a storage space. Now our water and sleeping problem was resolved. A trip to goa would be our plan. On the day of our journey, we were excited, our parents were worried about… Read More »HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN -2


Chapter 1: Flashback Today I celebrate my 50th birthday with all my best friends. My Eyes are filled with snow. There is snow all around me. A fierce snowstorm is going on. We are enjoying ourselves inside our truck, all six of us. We had a variety of pickles to choose from. A heater in our truck is also keeping us warm. We also boiled rice using the same. We… Read More »HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN-1

A hypnotic eye

Ankita HYPNOwar-3

I woke up in the morning, feeling fresh. I could hear the sound of rain falling off the roof, I could hear the sound of birds chirping on my window. my nose powered up with the smell of petrichor. my wound had healed, both of them still seemed to be fast asleep. So I decided to explore the house. From the bedroom, I moved towards the hall where the girl… Read More »Ankita HYPNOwar-3

ai gaming

Ankita AIwar-2

what! what is she talking about? have I been bleeding all along? why is she calling me papa? where am I stuck?? what is this place??. I  think I should act according to this situation and find out more. me(as papa): it’s ok, I just slipped and injured myself. {Mama enters into the picture…} Mama:  Me (inner voice): why is she staring at me, did she notice anything strange..? Ankita:… Read More »Ankita AIwar-2

a mystery thriller

ankita poRnwar- 1

August 2021: It was heavily raining outside, I walked into a room filled with computers. No other person was there with me in the room. I was hearing strange voices coming out of those computers. I curiously took a step towards them and to my surprise, the PCs were remotely operated. So I immediately searched for a switchboard to turn off the lights and spot spy cameras but didn’t notice… Read More »ankita poRnwar- 1