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Heart quench – one of a kind

stage 1: Like an electron, i jump across orbitals

As the train changed tracks,

speeding up into the foggy rain forests,

I feel a strange cushy feeling in my stomach,

looking back at the past two days,

I feel lucky to have someone by my side, who wants to be a part of my life

I was on cloud nine everytime we spoke, felt a strange sense of calmness and a beautiful silence playing inside.

Felt safe, happy, and heard in her presence.

stage 2: Ready to form an ionic bond

will I live up to her expectations, i asked my imperfect self.

will I ask her to live up to my expectations, i asked my selfish self.

she sends a message ending my chain of thought.

I decided not to overthink and put my soul into making our journey and memorable one.

stage 3: salt quench in nitrogen

while reading those lines of her message, I feel pain,

I ask myself if I am eligible for love.

I send her off with a smiling face, hiding those tears, tearing off my eyes. (i wonder how she felt)

i hear a voice inside telling me,

see, how lucky you are to experience such a wide range of emotions in a span of 2 days.

i end the saga with “the rage of reethigowla”