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Yesterday Night

All four of us planned on watching a movie in my room. My room was on the topmost corner of the building beside the bathroom.
Our room was high up alongside the trees,
and strange noises made by different animals were a common occurrence for us.
Most of our evenings were occupied with office meetings(work from home) in the evening. So, every day after having dinner we used to watch a movie. Mostly we preferred comedy as we are afraid of anything
Yesterday night after having dinner, we dispersed to our rooms to pick up the required materials for a movie night. All of us were supposed to meet in my room at 11 o’clock.
I cleaned my room, switched off the lights, and set the mood. They arrived exactly at 11, they didn’t bring anything with them. I had a table adjoining the cupboard on one side and a washbasin on the opposite side. Parallel to them was the bed where we sat. There were windows on either side of the bed which created excellent ventilation.
We opened Netflix and started browsing, and we came across a thriller that looked interesting (Quite place). There wasn’t any paranormal in it so we decided to watch it.
All four of us settled down with a pillow on our laps, leaning against the wall. I remember we started the movie at 11:30. It was a strange movie, it was pseudo-paranormal with heat-racing scenes. Slowly as the night progressed cold wind started following through the room. At around 12
The balcony light was switched on, and we saw someone going into the bathroom. I opened my room door and switched off the light.
Usually in a hostel people stay late into the night, so they keep on moving in and out of their rooms.
After around 15 minutes, the light was switched on again, We paused the movie and were waiting for him to show up, so we could tell him to switch it off. We kept waiting for around 10 min he didn’t go the other way. I got up from my bed and slowly peeked out from my window,
there was no one on the balcony. I opened the door and checked the bathroom, if there was anyone who was playing games with us. There were only 2 pigeons in the bathroom, other than them it was empty.
A strange chill ran through my spine. Pigeon sounds which I was familiar with sounded spooky. As I was about to get out of the bathroom, the power went off. I rushed out of the bathroom, there was no power on the whole floor. I saw a few people coming towards me to check if MCB tripped. They seem to have no idea about the balcony lights. I immediately went towards my room to share this incident with my friends. As I opened the door, there was no one. They never left before a
movie. I thought they must have been the ones who were pranking me, but all of us were watching the movie. I immediately rushed towards their end of the building, and I met them halfway on the stairs.
They were coming up towards my room. I asked them what they were doing there?? They said they were coming to my room to watch the movie as planned at 11. I looked at my phone it was 10:50 p.m.
I asked them if we watched any movies together this week?? They said we watched a movie together 2 weeks ago…..