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Ankita AIwar-2

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what! what is she talking about? have I been bleeding all along? why is she calling me papa? where am I stuck?? what is this place??.

I  think I should act according to this situation and find out more.

me(as papa): it’s ok, I just slipped and injured myself.

{Mama enters into the picture…}


Me (inner voice): why is she staring at me, did she notice anything strange..?

Ankita: Mama, see papa is injured please treat him.

Mama: please come, I will apply the bandage.

I was taken into the house, it looked like any other house expect the vibe from the people was a little off. Only 2 of them seem to be living there.

Mama: Ankitaa, please finish your food while I take care of your father.

She took me into a room, walked towards the cupboard

Mama: change into this, I will apply a bandage to your head. I know you have a lot of doubts. let’s sort it tomorrow.  

Me: what are you talking about? please tell me what’s happening here? I am still confused about how I ended up here.

Mama: This is not the time.

Mama: Ankitaa, it’s time to sleep come on.

Me: aren’t we going to eat?

Mama: Are you feeling hungry?

Me: No, since I have been here I don’t feel pain or hunger.

Mama: come let’s put her to sleep and take some rest. Excess of thoughts put a strain on our bodies.

Both of us put Ankita to sleep and headed to sleep in another room. I decided to take some rest and find my way out early in the morning tomorrow.

As I slowly moved into a deep sleep, relaxing my body I hear a low whisper, it was mama. she was signalling something under the blanket.

Me: Hey, what are you whispering I can’t hear you?

Mama: don’t make noise, if you want to escape we must make sure they won’t hear what we are talking about and we finishing our talk without them noticing. keep the blanket over your face and talk without making any movements.

Me: who are they? who are you? what am I doing here?

Mama: ok I am Ankita, I am a DL and AI expert. the girl you are seeing is an AI. we are living in a digital world that is continuously monitored by people outside (my employers) who are secretly developing a technology to link a players’ subconsciousness to the Gameworld. I have volunteered to partner with them, I was sent inside the game to test this, but they are not letting me out.

what about you? how did you end up here? what about the other guy who used to be here in your place.

Me: I am a journalist interested in the latest technological developments in the gaming industry, I have been following your company secretly. In one of my investigations, I found out about your location. Yesterday evening while it was raining I sneaked in and ender up here. why am I not feeling any pain or hunger??

Mama: it’s because your body is digital, we haven’t been able to mimic the pain sensation into the game.

Me: what’s happening with my original body?

Mama: It is mostly in an incubator, don’t worry you will be directly injected with food and water on a timely basis. but the longer you stay here, the weaker your original body gets. And the people over there have complete control over your body. which is why I am afraid of what happened to the other guy.

Me: how long have you been here, Is there a way to escape…?

Mama: We are currently in a localized test server, so cannot use the internet for help. They have a backup generator so power shutdown is also rare, even if it does it is instantly backed up by generators. which is why I have been stuck here since this AI(Ankita) was a baby.

Me: so you mean to say time is relative in this server.

Mama: people on the other side can control the time in this game.

Me: do you have a plan?

Mama: No, not yet. I am still trying to figure it out. Ok, I am sleeping for now.

Me: Ok goodnight. I am also equally tired.


I lied to her. I was not tired, I was terrified of the situation. 

1. I lied about being a journalist, just to know the truth.

2. Her story was completely false, it was a rip-off of sword art online, as no menus, tasks, NPC present here. 

3. then why I am not feeling any pain or hunger.

4. who are these 2? why are they here? who is behind the computer screen?

5. my body doesn’t have any injury except on the forehead which could be due to someone knocking me out. Is it drug duction or something else of that sort?

6.what happened to my memory, why is my identity cut off from my thoughts.


to be continued…….