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Someone special ๐ŸŒต

Is this someone special??
Why am i thinking of them?
So often.

Someone made me feel valued,
Someone actually listened,
while i talked about my life,
Gave me their undivided attention

How rare it is to see,
someones eyes sparkle,
While taking to you
They didn’t vanish, like many others. After hearing your flaws.

You know, this someone ain’t
the regular people you encounter,
Even if they aren’t supermodel attractive,
They are beautiful to you.
You want to be in their presence,
Making memories together.

But they may not be as available,
As you want them to be,
In their absence,
you are left wondering
What are they doing?
Are they thinking of me?

Wouldnt life be better,
If they are with me now?
More i think,
More my thoughts spiral out.
Feeding off each other.
Leaving butterflies in my stomach.

So i turn to google and ask?
Why cant i stop thinking about that person.
It redirects me to this article.