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Finding a partneršŸŒ»

Will i ever find a partner,

Stealthy enough to kill rodents,
Brave enough to protect me from the pigeon flock
Independent in all aspects
a minimalist who appretiates little things in life

Someone with whom i can share,
Trust, Love, support, ideas
& lots of affection.

To build a home together,
To dine a thousands meals together,
To gossip about the world,
To accomplish tasks together,
While enjoying , fighting and creating
a positive change in peoples lives.

I wonder what she is doing now,
While i stay awake dreaming of her,
Dropping from the sky,
Like a talonted bald eagle,
Hunting those rodents,
Scaring those pigeons,
Soaring the skies,
Grabbing me up
& taking me to her tree top den
For a fishy snack together.