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D 馃尓锔弚al馃寢

All of sudden,
An important task,
gets assigned.

With only a day remaining,
He starts the work on an Excel sheet..
Half way through the day,
The work goes as per plan
Confidently he assured them, it would be done.
It was a critical day for both his country and him.
As the batsman accumulated runs,
He accumulated all the reports & pics on his Excel sheet,
As the wickets feel down,
He began to clear one sample after another.

His country won the match,
He finished his work before time.

A perfect way to start Diwali.
As he pressed the save bottom,
To declare his victory,
The sheet crashed……
He tried to recover it….
It reversed back to base form..

All the built up exitment, pumping his heart gets quenched,
Into helplessness.

8hrs of effort, 800mb of nearly arranged pics and pictures. All of them gone without a trace.

As he kept losing his composure,
He realised, the world doesn’t revolve around him,
Neither does it revolve around others.

Still he felt bad,
For he was a mere human and he had to do it all over again.
And no one would believe what happened.

Time to go for a warm bath and
Wash off his helplessness with a bar of hope.