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On the hottest day of the year April 20. We planned an attempt to cleanse the low carbon steel which was failing its purpose) – to sustain prolonged load in service.  Back story When man decided that he wanted to create things on his own; skipping the existence of good, he chose the path of the devil inside him.   All matter is made of good things and bad things. There… Read More »EXORCISM OF STEEL

Transistor Trance

So you have the latest snapdragon 8 gen 1 or Dimensity 9000 or the upcoming Apple M2? All of these latest processing chips are made in high-tech foundries at 4nm. nm (nanometer) is a COMMERCIAL -Marketing unit used by chip manufacturing companies. It tells us how closely packed transistors are inside the processor. Not to be taken literally. All chips are made up of transistors (bipolar/field effect) that act as… Read More »Transistor Trance

Monday Maha Milk Debate

  Monday morning there was an interesting milk debate that happened. A dairy company owner had marked his IIM alumni tag on his milk packet.   A ladka observes it and takes a picture and then posts it on social media. Since gossip (not necessarily negative) is the essence of human survival. the post went viral. people started messaging, ladka got busy replying to those messages. opinions rushed in, counter… Read More »Monday Maha Milk Debate

Finding a partner🌻

Will i ever find a partner, Stealthy enough to kill rodents,Brave enough to protect me from the pigeon flockIndependent in all aspectsa minimalist who appretiates little things in life Someone with whom i can share,Trust, Love, support, ideas& lots of affection. To build a home together,To dine a thousands meals together,To gossip about the world,To accomplish tasks together,While enjoying , fighting and creatinga positive change in peoples lives. I wonder… Read More »Finding a partner🌻


During the cold november nights,I got to experience my first night shift, It was 11 o clock,Could barely see a few meters ahead,White fog was dancing gently ,with the cold winter breeze. Its 12 o clock,I am currently at work,Feeling like a joey 輦Soaking in heat,Radiating out off furnace wall. Its 2 o clock,And dead silent,I can hear my heart beat,Water flowing through pipe lines.and,Lots of other spooky noises. It’s… Read More »EMERGENCY NIGHT SHIFT

Someone special 🌵

Is this someone special??Why am i thinking of them?So often. Someone made me feel valued,Someone actually listened,while i talked about my life,Gave me their undivided attention How rare it is to see,someones eyes sparkle,While taking to you&They didn’t vanish, like many others. After hearing your flaws. You know, this someone ain’tthe regular people you encounter,Even if they aren’t supermodel attractive,They are beautiful to you.You want to be in their presence,Making… Read More »Someone special 🌵


My mother called me .. “she is no more”. Her deep voice reflecting her sorrow on losing her mother. Her trembling tone reflecting concern for her childs feelings. She had the same quality as her mother, soft and suggestive. I said “ok” and cut the call. My thoughts rushed back in time. More momories i replay, heavier my heart gets. Still, i have to accept that everyone is going to… Read More »Love

Micro-adventure – 3 dam-bikepacking

Today was Dusshera , Our hostel mess was partially functional so i decided to utilize the situation to go on a micro-adventure. i planned the route as Chota Banki dam in morning, Dimna lake in the afternoon and finally end the ride with Dobo dam. <iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ src=”” title=”jamshedpur” aria-label=”jamshedpur” AT 9am,  I had breakfast in my mess . Mota Dosa with doodh. Then i packed my… Read More »Micro-adventure – 3 dam-bikepacking

Our New LOGO ;=}

Perfect use of a holiday. From assembling vectors in morning to sketching and making a logo system by evening.

Just relaxing and thinking..

Siddartha…. was his name, if I remember correctly. A spoilt man in his 20s, who leaves his wife and child in search of truth. People must have questioned his intellect at that time. I still feel skeptical about people who leave all their accumulated wealth, possessions and travel in search of truth. There must be something wrong with these types of people.when the truth is clearly visible and 99% of… Read More »Just relaxing and thinking..